Why Celebrate?

Legendary Lindy Hopper Frankie Manning was born May 26th, 1914. Since his 80th birthday party in 1994, the lindy hop community has gotten together to celebrate Frankie’s birthday. Though Frankie passed away just one month before his 95th birthday on April 27, 2009, we continue to celebrate the date of his birthday annually and on a global basis. Read more about Frankie Manning here.

In 2009, to celebrate Frankie’s 95th birthday, we threw a party in Tampere and danced the shim sham and wished Frankie a happy birthday via youtube:

This year marks the 100th year anniversary of Frankie Manning’s birth. The Frankie Manning Foundation is celebrating with a huge Frankie 100 celebration in New York City from 23-25 May 2014. They have also created World Lindy Hop Day to promote the celebration of Frankie’s legacy.

Since not all of us can be in New York city to celebrate, we decided that to celebrate, remember and honor Frankie’s legacy, we’re going to throw a big party from 23-25 May 2014 in Tampere.

We’re reaching out to all of our Finnish lindy hop friends to invite you to share with us in the celebration. You’re invited!

There are many values that we would like to renew and to remind people to be more like Frankie like in the following ways.


  • who is nice to everyone and says yes when asked to dance;
  • who dances with joy;
  • who is a great ambassador of Lindy Hop;
  • who makes their partner feel like a queen/king;
  • who loves lindy hop and big band era swing music;
  • who is passionate about getting others involved;
  • who is humble;
  • who lifts people’s spirits and makes them happy;
  • who knows how to rise above offenses and politics;
  • who avoids controversy;
  • who is careful about people’s feelings;
  • who gives respect as much as they want to receive it;
  • who is generous. No matter what Frankie was asked to do: perform, sign shoes, radio show, etc. etc. he was willing if it was good for lindy hop.
  • who dances with the raw abandon of Lindy Hop – spirited and sometimes fast – as it was danced at the Savoy Ballroom.
  • whose Lindy Hop is authentic, as in true to oneself and with connections to the roots of the dance.