We are celebrating all weekend from Friday through Sunday with all kinds of fun activities, including:

Juhlasali Konsu

Juhlasali Konsu

  • Swing dancing to world-class DJs and live music with Wanha Swengi
  • Classes with local instructors
  • Public dancing at Vapriikki and Shim Sham performance
  • Remembering Frankie
  • The Lindy Chorus Choreography
  • and more!

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Locations: All parties (Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon) and classes will be held at Juhlatila Konsu, Hämeenpuisto 28, 33200 Tampere, Finland (map). The Saturday afternoon Swing Attack! dance will be held at Vapriikki.

For more information about the locations, go to the location page.

Weekend schedule

Friday Party at Konsu

Join us for the opening party with DJ Adam and his team of fantastic swing DJs!

Doors open at 20.00 and the party doesn’t stop until 03.00!

Saturday classes at Konsu


12.00 – 13.00: Remembering Frankie with Adam. Adam will share some background and show videos of Frankie throughout his career and discuss the significance of those performances and the impact that they may have had on the development of swing dancing as we know it today. Adam will also share some stories about Frankie from the times he met and worked with Frankie in the U.S.

13.00 – 14.00: Frankie 100 Choreo – The Lindy Chorus with Adam & Sanna (intermediate level). Frankie Manning originally choreographed The Lindy Chorus hoping that it would become a part of his legacy, and we’re all going to learn it in his honor. We’ll be performing The Lindy Chorus during the party putting it on youtube to share it with the global lindy hop community.

14.00-15.00: Discover Tampere! The weather is supposed to be beautiful! Let’s hoof it to Vapriikki. The walking tour will take us through the central square and along the famous Tammerkoski rapids. You can enjoy lunch at Vapriikki’s own Restaurant Valssi UNTIL 3PM. Choose a lighter soup and salad buffet (10 euros) or experience meatballs (reindeer meat) with smoke cheese sauce (15,20 euros). The café is also open for hot and cold beverages. Take a moment in the magnificent Valssi terrace enjoying the view and sweet sounds of Swing.

15.00-17.00: Swing attack! Meet up at Vapriikki and dance your heart out. Show the locals how it’s done. Shim Sham commences at 3.15 PM. The dance floor is open from 3 to 5PM. Please note that the floor material is paving stone and it might be slippery.

You can also choose to visit Museum Centre Vapriikki’s exhibitions for only 7€
( Buy your ticket with code SWING from the Ticket Office in the lobby.

17.00-20.00: Dinner Break. Gather some swing dance friends and go enjoy one of Tampere’s restaurants.

Evening class and party at Konsu

20.00-21.00: Shim Sham with Anniina Koski. “Uh-one uh-two, uh-you know what to do”. The Shim Sham is a swing line dance that Frankie loved to do because it’s fun and everybody can learn how to do it. Anniina will teach beginners how to do this simple line dance and encourage more advanced dancers to have fun with it and make it their own.

21.00-03.00: Dance the night away to live music from Wanha Swengi! We want you to hop til you drop, so there will be plenty of time to party. We’ll also have a few short performances from local groups and from dancers throughout Finland. Let us know if you have a performance that you want to share.


Daytime activities at Konsu

13.00-14.00: Big Apple choreography (solo jazz) with Minna. Learn part of another classic solo jazz choreography that Frankie loved to perform and teach.

14.00-15.00: Frankie’s Favorites with Adam & Sanna (intermediate level). Dig a little deeper into the secrets of Frankie Manning’s style. Learn some typical footwork from Frankie’s youth and gain a deeper appreciation for the man, the myth, the legend.

15.00-19.00: Tea Dance at Konsu with DJs. Keep on swinging!